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who we are

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We are a pioneer in the ecosystem for funding and developing early-stage disruptive companies in Asia. Celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, we have evolved into a seed investor, angel advisory, incubator and business accelerator. We support bold companies by helping them to define their business strategy and plan, secure funding, develop human capital and provide access to customers, strategic partners, mentoring and funding partners.

Mercatus operates through a network of offices and associates across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka and China.

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Our service offers:

  • Seed and Angel Funding
  • Securing Grants
  • Venture Funding
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Financial Advisory
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Creating Strategic Partnerships
  • Business Management


345SIX Incubation Program


Selection criteria:

  • Shifting Paradigm

    Innovative solution addressing present issues and protected by patents/trade secrets/industrial know-how/other competitive advantages.

  • Scalable business

    Fast and easy to scale, high gross margin and potential for recurring revenue stream.

  • Strong management team

    Strong leadership skill and direct experience in relevant industry.

what we do


Early Stage Funding

Mercatus helps connecting with investors and business angels, as well as providing seed capital ourselves to get innovative projects off the ground.


Business Development

Mercatus helps startups to construct, refine and execute their business plan. We also assist with structuring distribution agreements, finding strategic partners, providing access to different markets and customer bases and adapting to their individual needs.


Corporate Development

Mercatus provides startups with continuous access to fundraising whilst planning exit structures like mergers & acquisitions, reverse take-overs and initial public offerings.


Corporate Advisory

Mercatus helps founders develop the enterprise and the capability of their team as well as provide mentoring and managing the accounts and finances of the startup. We also provide access to legal services, corporate governance, and aid in finding application.

Active Incubation & Acceleration

Portfolio Companies



eHelium is growing rapidly in providing Employability & Market Readiness training to graduates as well as continuing professional development with certification from IEEE, Society for Human Resource Management ( SHRM) ‎and Pearson. Within 18 months of launch eHelium has gathered a database of 50,000 graduates and placed several thousands in jobs with customers like GE Capital, Cap Gemini, Kotak Securities and Williams Lea. eHelium’s ScaleUpp elearning platform will eventually provide advisory and sales of financial products to its database of graduate employees. Mercatus has provided eHelium with its first round of funding in order for the company to kick start. Mercatus is still extending its help in fund raising and business development to eHelium.



Attune Technologies is a cloud based Hospital Systems Information and Laboratory Information Systems provider with implementations in India, ‎Indonesia, Philippines, and parts of Middle East and Africa. With over 8 million patient records, it is now preparing to grow exponentially with Business Intelligence and Patient Data Analytics. Mercatus introduced Attune to potential partners and re-sellers and has been constantly working on strategic corporate development activities. Mercatus also assisted them with raising an angel round of funds.



Clarity Radiology focusses on pan-global Teleradiology services, diagnostic center consulatation and infrastructure support. Currently due to the film based radiology services being offered, major issues such as handling huge volumes of data, data security, mismatch between need for advice and availability of radiologists etc render the system slow, erronous and ridden with backlogs. Clarity aims to eliminate such bottlenecks to make radiology a seamless and expeditious process. Using encrypted VPN connection, any referring hospital can immediately transfer Ct, X-Ray, MRI, Ultrasound reports through a diacom PACS line to a radiologist located remotely fro faster and accurate reads.  Mercatus helps Clarity with angel funding and customer referral, corporate development work, organisation development, provision of physical office space and shared services.



Dialic is a herbal-based Research and Development company which is dedicated to develop effective herbal formulation to provide the right support and enable a healthy life for every individual. Their competence lies in manufacturing herbal healthcare products and supplements with the GMP guidelines. The Research and Development team has the expertise to invent, improve and market the innovative & consistent premium herbal healthcare products with scientific and clinical validation. Its flagship product is DIAllium. Mercatus has provided the very first round of funding for Dialic to help realize a research project into a functional product. Mercatus has been actively raising funds for Dialic and helping it commercialize the product in several markets including Singapore, China, India, etc.



ABOVE (A Bunch of Versatile Entrepreneurs) is a company that has been founded by a team of talented professionals with a global reputation of building successful startups and having also scaled multi-billion dollar businesses into Fortune 100 companies. The vision of ABOVE is to create services and platforms that help organizations scale their business globally. Mercatus helped Above in fund raising and securing development grants, provision of physical office space and shared services. 



Founded in 2007, fRAL is a high-technology material science company, developing light-weight and ultra strong composites for physical security (i.e. body armour and coating of field vehicles). The founder, Norman Lim holds several patents to his name. He has a military background, having served in the Special Forces for 7 years. fRAL has developed unique expertise in vertically integrated process of armour manufacturing. fRAL is Singapore’s only armour manufacturing company for soft and hard armour systems. Mercatus is an early investor in fRAL and is assisting fRAL in raising more funds. Mercatus also extends its network of connections to facilitate sales for the company.



Gametize (formerly Socialico) was founded in 2009 by Keith Ng and Damon Widjaja. The company is loaded with more than four years of experience in gamification, having worked on various with game mechanic-heavy products including, but not limited to, their key products; GameMaki and FameMark.


Gametize has a strong gamification presence in Asia, with customers from heavyweight industries such as banking and education, with whom they consult and license technology to. Mercatus invested in Gametize in a later stage when the company is more stable. With its expertise in commercialisation, Mercatus is helping Gametize to boost its B2B wing of development.



Hub Media Group is a dynamic and creative distribution and production company that believes in the power of media. They represent several hugely popular broadcast formats for the Asian market, and have produced and developed numerous projects under their supervision, whilst owning several libraries of video content. Mercatus invested & assisted in setting up of the company, utilizing shared resources for various administrative needs and hosting the company under our roof. Mercatus also played the role as interim managers while the company were in the midst of recruiting suitable candidates.



i-Flapp Technologies – acronym for “Intelligent Flash Applications”, is a leading technological company with breakthroughs in premium portable applications and personalization platforms. They provide intelligence to a range of external storage devices such as USB flash drives, external hard-disk drives, iPods, MP3 players, memory cards and mobile phones. Their patented AppsD technology allows any Windows-based applications to be made portable on any external storage device. Beside applications, i-Flapp also allows personalization and security by bringing customers’ personal profile, emails, web favourites and files encrypted securely in their external portable devices.


i-Flapp has developed and is commercializing their first generation software, called i-Mapp, that allows users to bring their personal profile, emails, web favourites, files and applications such as Microsoft Office, Visio, Project, etc., onto any compatible computer across the world by plugging in their portable device on the host computer. i-Flapp also provides portable application capabilities to independent software vendors to deliver to the world their most trusted and innovative solutions. Since early 2008, Mercatus Capital Pte Ltd was instrumental in: Facilitating and leading strategic business planning; Securing further working capital funding; Identifying, bridging, and negotiating with potential distributors, licensees, and customers internationally; Instilling proper corporate governance and structure; Seeking government assistance and grants; and Publicizing key milestones through press releases and interviews.



Founded in 1996, I Nuovi began as a private limited company based in Singapore with the goal of creating a high quality professional makeup line. Banking on his biochemical and product design education and working with top professional makeup artists in Asia and America, founder Wayne Loh embarked on a journey to create a unique makeup line that would take the industry by storm. After years of intensive research and development, a new name in beauty is born – I Nuovi. In line with their minimalist philosophy, all products are formulated fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and without any animal-derived ingredients. Mercatus invested in I Nuovi and restructured the organization for potential listing. Mercatus also raised funds for I Nuovi and engaged overseas distributors or partners for its overseas expansion.



JDO Labs is a Singapore-based technology company specializing in lighting control and smart home/building control system. A pioneer in remote control electronic wall switches, they are dedicated to creating a new generation of innovative products that enhance the lifestyle of today’s consumers for all home owners.


First in the world (patented in Singapore, UK and US) their breakthrough technology (AIPAC) enables their lighting automation products to achieve electronic control such as Infrared, RF, motion detection, and in general home-automation function with the standard wiring system, without the need for tedious hard rewiring. Mercatus is an early investor in JDO and also helps JDO raise funds for its commercialization.



International Podium Allianz Group (IPAG) is a leading training and consultancy provider in the APAC region. IPAG engages specialists from top notch organizations around the world to bring together a dynamic pool of industry knowledge, information, business strategies and practices to empower the leaders of corporations in the Asia Pacific region. They serve as the pulsating conduit at the forefront of the knowledge economy where vast knowledge and information is continuously generated at the speed of light. IPAG business is in the production and distribution of knowledge and providing information resources to corporate businesses all year round. Mercatus has helped them lift up the business from traditional industry to a social business forefront.



LinQ Labs Inc was established in Palo Alto, CA in May 2007 by a team of highly experienced video processing and high-speed, mixed-signal practitioners, hailing from multinational technology companies. Their mission was to create and sell a highly-advanced semiconductor-based, high-speed digital interface solution that would redefine the connectivity specifications for consumer electronics and IT systems for pervasive use in televisions, CCTVs, monitors, game consoles and mobile devices. LinQ’s technologies uniquely combine complex and high-speed digital signals very efficiently into one channel and send it across ideal reliable fibre optics. Mercatus helped in rounding of angel funding, establishing partnerships and connecting them to potential major customers.



Lucid Software Limited (Lucid) develops software and solutions that enhance public safety and security. Lucid ‘s business objective is to reduce the time-to-market for innovations, thereby making available the latest research for use in the field. Lucid’s software platform Muulam® is designed for operating with Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques that focus on quality of production, safe and secure operation of infrastructure and residual life of assets. Muulam® provides intelligence and increases the capability of current systems in this field. Furthermore, the open architecture of the platform enables the incorporation of new research ideas, which can be combined with existing systems to provide cost effective solutions. Mercatus is an early investor in Lucid and helps Lucid raise funds for its commercialization. Mercatus restructured Lucid’s corporate structure and made it a Singapore entity with research team in India. Mercatus also assists Lucid in getting Singapore Government projects.



Luuvo Pte Ltd is an international luggage design company with the aspiration to create the finest luggage product beyond any market expectation. By adopting the latest innovations in luggage design, the company aims to revolutionize the way people carry their luggage.  The company shall debut its product in UK, Germany, France, and other parts of Europe under the brand of LUUVOTM. Mercatus helped Luuvo on its market entry strategy with detailed market analysis and competitive studies. We also helped Luuvo manage its value chain from manufacturing to product launch.



For 25 years, Medtech Global has been enhancing the quality of patient care by working with healthcare professionals in developing and delivering award winning industry-proven technology products – giving value to and connecting the entire healthcare community. Their technology solutions are both sophisticated and user-friendly, designed for the comprehensive management of patient information throughout all aspects of primary and secondary healthcare, mental health and corporate health. They are the largest provider of technology solutions in New Zealand primary healthcare, and the second largest in Australia. Mercatus found a small private software company in New Zealand then mostly sell hardware to doctors. Ravi led the team to acquire and transform the company and subsequently had it listed in the ASX.



MetalChina was founded to facilitate Western clients with consistency in low cost, low risk and reliable quality Chinese-made products. The MetalChina team consists of professional, international sourcing experts backed by an extensive supplier network, who are dedicated to providing their clients with cost-efficient and reliable procurement services in China for metal, non-strategic industrial products. Owing to their extensive experience in working with factories across China on frequent repeat orders, they are able to leverage their aggregate buying power for superior pricing, quality and on-time product delivery. Mercatus is a seed investor in MetalChina. Mercatus helps MetalChina to raise funds for its commercialization and obtain trade facilities from DBS Bank. In addition, Mercatus linked MetalChina to some potential customers all over the world by improving its Marketing collaterals.



Pellucid Networks ‎is a cloud based healthcare technology provider in tele imaging for hifidelity medical images. The world class Tele- Ophthalmology has been adopted for nationwide deployment in Singapore under the Singapore Integrated Diabetic Retinopathy Programme. They are now working on a deal with Moorfields Eye Hospital. Pellucids technology enhanced systems have the potential to disrupt the Ophthalmology market place. Mercatus has helped them secure angel funding, spearheaded strategic business partnerships and referred an international MRI equipment maker as customer.



PurpleStream Convergence is positioned to be the leading company for video content delivery. Their paradigm-shifting technology delivers HD video to any network, any device in any territory at a massive cost advantage in comparison to traditional delivery systems. Combining adaptive bit-rate optimization with Single Source Multi Device (SSMD) technology, PurpleStream ensures seamless delivery of live broadcasts and videos on demand to their growing list of customers, who include TV broadcasters, channel content aggregators, and OTT providers. Mercatus led the strategic collaboration between Hub Media Group and PurpleStream, which later led to a joint-investment between Mercatus and Hub Media Group in PurpleStream.



Tango FX is one of ABOVE’s products, is a context-aware interactive HD service that provides live, on-demand cinematic experiences for viewers to watch shows, movies, and videos anywhere, anytime and on any screen (mobile, PC, Kiosks, and HDTV). Using smart on-screen widgets, the interactive service enhances the cinematic experience by allowing viewers to connect with friends and family, and they can pick, share and discuss scenes of mutual interest while watching live or on-demand content.



Tell My Friends is a social network marketing and direct selling platform for digital media like music, eBooks, videos, apps and software. The innovative model counters online piracy by offering consumers cash rewards for doing the right thing – buying and sharing music other digital products. Tell My Friends is a trailblazer for social e-commerce that will help monetize the creative industries who are adversely affected by online piracy. Also, it makes buying and sharing music fun and rewarding for the user. The incubation services Mercatus has been providing include market access analysis, strategic business planning, corporate development and public relationship management.



Wall of Sport aspires to provide 360 degrees of sports engagement to consumers, broadcasters and media groups. Providing a comprehensive scope of sports data, Wall of Sport offers sports predictive engine and customized value added services.


Regarding business-to-customer services, the company offers a free social sports insight platform accessible on all devices in order to give sports fans an exciting sports community where they can live and share their passion. Wall of Sport delivers a second-screen experience with high quality sports related content; prediction, aggregated betting odds, live statistics of matches and events, gamification of virtual betting and social media integration. Users can chat, share and connect with other sports fans worldwide. Mercatus invested in Wall of Sport from its early days. The company has now grown exponentially and secured more funding with Mercatus’ assistance. Wall of Sport is expanding very rapidly in Asia with Mercatus’ help.



Uber Diagnostics uses mHealth to deliver diagnostic solutions that significantly improve patient care in developing nations. Key challenges faced by healthcare providers include very high cost of diagnostic equipment and lack of trained professionals, especially in semi-urban and rural areas. uber Diagnostics is addressing both these issues through cutting edge innovation in medical electronics and research in cloud based IT infrastructure.

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