Mercatus Capital leads Angel Investment to fund uber Diagnostics’ transformative IoT platform in detection of cardiovascular disease.

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  • On October 1, 2015

SINGAPORE, 7th September 2015: Mercatus Capital Pte Ltd, announced today the Angel Investment in uber Diagnostics with investments from a broad-based of Angel investors from the Netherlands, USA and Singapore. The investment enables uber Diagnostics to complete final tests of Cardiotrack™- the diagnostic quality handheld ECG machine that will transform early detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Commenting on the investment, Ravi Govindan, Chairman and Founder of Mercatus Capital said, “Pardon the pun but uber Diagnostics is an investment that is very close to my heart! The socio economic costs of cardiovascular disease is staggering and growing exponentially. We are very pleased to be leading a broad-based group of Angel investors in enabling the development of the ECG device and IoT platform. We believe that uber Diagnostics will disrupt the space for early detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease”.

uber Diagnostics leverages on technology to enable medical professionals in providing preventative, affordable, and patient-centric solutions. Its flagship product Cardiotrack™ will ensure that the General Practitioner can undertake comprehensive cardiovascular diagnosis at the clinic. Specialist support is provided through Cloud-based Tele Cardiology.

Ashim Roy, Co Founder and CEO who brings over 30 years of MNC experience in telecommunications and signal processing said, “This investment launches uber Diagnostics’ journey of creating a data rich health information platform. By introducing Smart IoT sensors with handheld and mobile devices, the platform will connect patients, caregivers, doctors and specialists. Transforming healthcare delivery in countries like India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and the African continent is a multibillion dollar opportunity for uber Diagnostics.”

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